Jacareí, July 29th, 2019 Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace Message

Jacareí, July 29th, 2019 Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace' Message:

"My children, I've given Messages in Marienfried to all mankind, but as happened in many places it was of no use because of all men heart's hardness. 

Scorned all My Messages and all My warnings, that's why I come in Jacareí, once again to ask: divulge and live all My Messages of Marienfried. 

Here, in this Apparition I have met in my little child Marcos, the most perfect love and the obedience. He is My last hope. He have divulged to all of you My Messages of Marienfried since a long time, but many of you didn't want to know about them. Due the spiritual disinterest of you, no one wanted divulge them as thus, are lost in the ignorance and sin. 

Convert yourself My children, because truly My Messages of Marienfried turn into works in your hearts and this way My Flame of Love through you get to come to all My children and lead to all of them the peace and salvation. 

Open your hearts to My Messages of Marienfried e live these Messages for that finally My Heart can triumph. 

To everyone I do bless from Marienfried, from Fatima and from Jacareí."