“My beloved children, today, I, JESUS, come with My Sacred Heart to bless ye with My Most Holy Mother and My Foster Father, Joseph and to tell ye: Glorify My SACRED HEART, giving It LOVE FOR LOVE, giving It contentment, answering yes to the call that for so many years in this Place I have made to ye to convert yourselves, and to get close to Me so that you may be converted and saved.

Glorify My Sacred Heart, giving It honor, glory and praise through a pure and holy life, through holy works that truly prove your love for Me and looking to make your lives a constant hymn of love to My Sacred Heart, so that through you I can also spread My light and My love to all the souls who still do not know Me, calling them back to the fold of My Sacred Heart, so that all My Sheep may know Me, love Me and be saved by My sacred Heart, through the knowledge of the truth that I Am the Eternal truth.

Glorify My Sacred Heart, giving EVERYTHING FOR EVERYTHING. Since I have already given ye all My life, give Me yours. Since I have give ye all My Heart, give Me all of yours, because I only give all My Love to the souls that give Me all their love and I only give all My Heart and My predilection to those souls that also prefer Me to all other loves, to all other things and completely give Me their hearts.

Be the fiery sparks of My Sacred Heart, bringing the flame of My Love to the entire world, lighting this flame in every soul, every day of your life, bringing My Word to them, bringing My Love to them, bringing to them the knowledge of the truth that saves, so that thus the entire world can be aflame again in the flames of My Sacred Heart and can be transformed into a fire of love. 

Be the sparks of My Sacred Heart, lighting My Sacred fire in hearts and in souls by your word and your example, so that thus, the fire of My Heart that is My Holy Spirit makes disappear in souls the fire of sensuality, envy, greed, sloth, lust, blasphemy and of sin and thus the souls ablaze in the fire of My Sacred Heart burn with Me, with My Mother, My Foster Father Joseph, to be a single flame of love in My Holy Spirit for the glory of the Father

I chose ye since before you were born so that one day you would be Here, so that today you would be Here and might know My great love, hear to My Message and be bearers, the Messengers of My Message to the whole world. My Heart puts My confidence in ye. You are Earth's last hope, bring therefore, My salvation, bring My Love to every creature so that every creature knows Me, loves Me, praises Me and blesses Me.

Hasten your conversion because the time of My Mercy is running out and soon will come the time of My Justice and I tell ye, no one will be able to escape from My Arm that is long and wide enough for to reach ye to the ends of the earth and I tell ye: woe to the mockers, woe to those who throughout all this time were proud and closed their ears to My Voice, because I tell ye, the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah will be sorry for the Punishment of this generation and I tell ye that the Sodomites will consider their Punishment as a gentle and cool breeze in comparison to the fire that I will let fall on this wicked and perverse generation. Therefore repent without delay, do not pierce this Sacred Heart anymore with the spear of your sin. Come unto Me, that I wait for ye with My Arms open and that I Am ready to forgive ye, to love and save.

To all at this time, I generously bless with love."


“Beloved children of My Heart, today I call ye again close to My Sacred Immaculate Heart to there burn ye in the fire of the Holy Spirit and fill yewith heavenly graces that I bring from the Lord.

Be My valiant warriors who honor Me every day, combating with Me and for Me, bringing My Messages to all My children, propagating My devotion to My Rosary and all the Prayers that I gave ye Here so that My children then find the sure and salutary, effective and lasting remedy that will cure all spiritual disease and grant them perfect health of soul so that thus they walk by the road of holiness every day with a quick and decided step to thus become living reflections of My Immaculate Heart.

Be the valiant warriors of My Heart, seeking every day to bring to the greatest possible number of souls the knowledge of My love, so that, feeling My Love and knowing how much the Mother from Heaven loves them and calls them Here in this Sacred Place, close to Her Heart, My children can finally find the Peace of My Heart, the light for their souls and the Grace of God that will transform them from hard and insensitive rocks, from ice-cold stones, that will transform from swamps of sin into gardens of grace, beauty and holiness, in live flames of love that proclaim along with Me, the Lord’s Glory and the strength of truth for this world that lays in the darkness of lie, of sin and of the deceitful illusions of Satan.

Be the valiant warriors of MY Heart, giving Me ALL FOR ALL, since I have already given ye all My Love, give Me all of yours and since I have already consecrated all My life and all My existence to ye, consecrate yours to Me, following Me by My footprints, by the footprints that I leave for you towards Heaven on the path of holiness. Thus, My children, closely following Me, I will truly be able to imprint in your souls: My virtues, My qualities until you become like Me and thus give perfect honor, glory and praise to the Most Holy Trinity.

Be Daisies of humility and love, renouncing your will that is always corrupt and rebellious to the Lord's will and Mine, looking to conform your thinking and your will with the Lord's and with Mine, so that I can truly convey to you the extremely powerful influxes of My Immaculate Heart’s flame of love so that then your life becomes like a continuation of Mine, that gives the Eternal Father the perfect obedience, perfect correspondence and perfect love that He expects from all His children.

Be My Daisies of humility and of love, who truly forget themselves, renounce their will and are always with their petals open to receive the morning dew and the sunshine, ie, to receive the dew of My Love, the soft dew of My Will always holy and good to ye and to let ye be warmed and illuminated by the rays of light of My Glorious Body, of My Immaculate Heart that expels all the darkness, all the sins, all of the evils from your life. Thus, ye will truly be beautiful, humble and precious daisies in the celestial garden of My Immaculate Heart and I will be able to truly one day transplant ye from the Garden of My Heart to the Garden of the Most Holy Trinity there in Heaven. Being loving and humble daisies, pure and completely obedient to Me, I will be able to present ye to the Lord as the most precious and most fragrant bouquet, cultivated by Myself to please Him and give Him contentment and joy.

I continue always with you, My children, every day, converting ye as quickly as possible, because time is running out, I’ve been telling you for years already, but you have not taken Me seriously. If ye do not listen to Me, I will be forced to let My Son show ye a little of His Justice so that ye truly decide and leave sin and become holy as He wishes.

Remember that now I Am your mediatrix, intercessor and lawyer, but on the day of God’s Justice, I will be your judge. Therefore, seek to be on My right, ie, along with Me in the moment in which My Son comes, seek to be with Me now, in Prayer, in the Obedience to My Messages and in the faithfulness to My Will and to My Plan of Love so that in that hour I can be favorable for ye and can introduce ye to My Divine Son as part of My flock, and My blessed progeny.

Now, until the Anniversary of My Apparitions Here, pray more, remember all the Messages I have given ye, remember all the gifts and benefits that I made for ye. Also remember all My Apparitions, reviewing them again through the videos that My son Marcos did and gave ye. Also watch again the life of the Saints which does so much good for your soul and pleases My Heart so much, so that thus, on the blessed day of the Anniversary of My Apparitions Here, I can find your souls burning with love to then elevate on just one flame of love Our united loves to the Most Holy Trinity to bless Her for the extraordinary Gift of His Love which are Mine, Our Apparitions Here.

Continue with all the Prayers that I gave ye Here. Through Them, I will one day transform ye in great saints who will shine with the light stronger than a thousand suns together in Paradise.

To all and especially to you Marcos, the most hard-working of My children, I bless you generously now, from FATIMA, from LA SALETTE and from JACAREÍ.”


“My beloved children, I, JOSEPH, also bless ye today and give ye Peace. Convert yeselves sincerely and prove with works your love to the Lord so that then He truly has mercy on ye and gives ye His Peace.

Prove your love to the Lord with works, giving Him and Mary Immaculate every day Holy works, prayers ablaze, divulgations that are truly moved by holy love for Then and the desire to see Them known and loved, so that thus, your works transform themselves a most pure and ardent incense that rises to the heights of Heaven to the Throne of God and so can please the Lord and make the Lord auspicious to you, causing a shower of Mercy to be poured on ye.

Prove your love to the Lord with works, giving Him every day the sincere effort to overcome your defects and sins so that ye may exercise yourselves more in the pursuit of virtues and holiness. Practice truly what you say you believe. Practice and prove with works that you truly believe that which you say in your prayers and that you have as truths of faith in your hearts, so that then the Lord does not call ye hypocritical Pharisees, but truly recognizes ye as His apostles and disciples that are sincere and faithful to Him.

Prove your love to the Lord with works, seeking every day to give to the Lord the sincere commitment to make war on your defects and sins, to throw them out of your souls to thus seek all that is holy, pure, beautiful, pleasant, perfect to the Lord’s Eyes, in order that God looks at your prayers and at your works with endearment and love, receives them graciously and gives you His grace, gives ye His mercy.

Prove your love to Mary Immaculate and to Me with works,showing that ye are Our true children with holy works. Enough of promising and never complying, do Our Will, leave yours, renounce yeselves and follow Us by the road of virtues, of perfection and of true love. Convert yeselves quickly, do not play with holy things, do not play with the Lord’s Mercy or on the contrary I will be forced to let an unexpected Punishment fall on ye. Convert yeselves truly or otherwise I will abandon ye. I am a loving and merciful Father, but I am also Holy and Just, I hate even the smallest sin and I cannot enter into a heart where My enemy is lodged, or rather, sin of whatever nature it is. Therefore, if you want to unite yourselves with Me, cast out My Enemy, sin, from your hearts, and then I will unite Myself with you, otherwise I will abandon ye and let Satan do to you what he wants.

Continue with all the prayers that I gave ye Here, because through them, ye will extirpate sin form your souls, ye will step on Satan’s head and his seductive temptations and ye will increasingly attract Me to your hearts.

To everyone in this moment, I bless with love and especially to you, Marcos, the most ardent devotee of My Heart that I have in the world, My greatest and most ardent servant, the predicted son of My Most Loving Heart and I also bless all My slaves of love who with you gave Me their lives here and to all My children who sincerely seek to convert themselves for love of Me.

I bless everyone now, from NAZARETH, from My MOUNT ROYAL and from JACAREÍ.”