Jacareí, January 1, 2013 - Message from Our Lady Communicated to the seer Marcos Tadeu Teixeira - The Solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God - First Message of 2013 (Our Lady)

“Dear children, in this new year which is born, I invite ye again to turn your hearts to God and to start a new path of conversion. Start a new path of conversion, truly retracing all your vows and resolves to be saints, seeking from now on to deepen yourselves more in Prayer, in the knowledge of God, of His word, of His love, seeking to flee, always more, from the vain things of the world and seeking to please the Lord by a beautiful, pure and fragrant life of prayer.

Have a true conversion, seeking always more to know the will of the Lord about you by deep prayer, by the meditation of My Messages, of His Word and also by the attentive observation of the happenings that occur every day in your life through which God speaks to you. So, traveling always more the road of the seeking to please the Lord with your acts and your holiness, ye will truly grow this year, like beautiful and fragrant flowers to give Him honor, praise and glory.

I love all of you, My children and in this new year, I will increasingly help ye to grow in holiness. Be docile flowers in My Hands, that let themselves be cultivated by Me and that allow that I truly pour on ye the soft water of the grace of God which purifies ye, that gives ye life and vigor to grow always more in the perfection of the Saints, in the Christian perfection.

My Immaculate Heart will follow this year all the steps you take on the path of holiness and will be at your side in all moments of your sufferings, of your troubles and sorrows.

During this year, the Grimm Reaper, the Angel of the Justice of God will pass by many nations of Earth and woe to those who will be guilty before the Lord. The Grimm Reaper will also seek all those who sowed corruption in the midst of souls and woe to the souls who are written in the Book of Justice. Therefore My children, convert yourselves, each one renounce the sin of the heart and that you practice with your hands, so that thus, ye truly be visited by the Angel of Peace instead of the Angel of Justice.

If ye convert yourselves, if you pray the Holy Rosary, the Prayers that I gave ye, every day, if families pray the Holy Rosary, then, the Angel of Peace shall descend and give peace to the world.

Leave the sins of the year gone behind. Begin a new life today; the past does not matter anymore. Now what I want of you is Love, PRAYER, HOLINESS and TRUE DESIRE TO SERVE GOD. May each of ye follow in the footsteps of the Saints; God has placed them as bright stars in the dark night of your time so that ye all could see the path that leads to Him, to Our Sacred Hearts and so, even in the midst of darkness, ye could follow the path of salvation, grace and holiness.

I will grant everything to those who ask Me by the intercession of all My Saints and who are truly striving to follow their examples.

To all at this time, I bless with love. Especially you, Marcos, the hardest working of My children. I bless My Slaves of Love who Here donated their whole life along the entire year that passed and in the previous years and who are the apple of My Eye. And I bless you all, My children, who endeavored to follow faithfully the example of the Saints and fulfill My Messages.

I bless ye from LA SALETTE, from LOURDES and from JACAREÍ. Peace, My children. Peace, Marcos, I love you very much.”