"My children, for a long time already, I've being telling you about the consequences of your sins, currently so serious and horrific.

Satan is proclaming victory in the world, because he see that are few those that face it, through prayer. My children, that's why this Message so important its about the Holy Rosary.
Pray the Holy Rosary My dear children, every day. Since Lourdes I've remembered you about that My urgent and desperate appeal...after the Holy Mass that is the greatest prayer, that makes Me more closer of you...the Rosary have so much power! And that's why it is the second way that more unites you to Me.

The Rosary have so much power, My children, that when you pray it, satan is so powerless that is forced to return to hell, such is the power of Heaven that crush its evil. The devil does not support the perfume which spreads the prayer of the Rosary...and the Light that it scatters dims it, because satan is the prince of all darkness...

Children, now that you recognize how much I LOVE the Rosary, the Power and the Strenght of the Holy Rosary, put it in your hearts!...Pray the Rosary everyday...There is no Grace, no matter how impossible it seems that it is not gotten with the prayer of the Rosary prayed with LOVE.

My children, pray the Rosary with Me, every days."