"My children, I love you and I'm with you always. Do not fear, because your heavenly Mother is very close to you and knows everything you need. Pray much the Holy Rosary and all the prayers that I have given you, because through them I'll lead you to a great holiness. The true devotion to Me, is an ardent, and as much as a soul serve Me by the prayer of the Rosary, more it burns in holy desires to serve Me through the Holy Rosary, and more it seeks to bring all souls as it can, to serve Me through it. When many souls love Me and serve Me through the Holy Rosary, I'll pour powerfully the effective Graces of My Immaculate Heart, over the whole world, turning it into a garden of grace and holiness. Pray, pray and pray much My Rosary. To everyone I do bless in, this moment, with all My love."