"My beloved children, today I come again with my Son Jesus in My arms, the King of Peace, to give you the Blessings of PEACE and LOVE.

Peace to your hearts!
Peace to your souls!
Peace, ever Peace!

Pray always more for the Peace, Protect the Peace with fervent prayers, and helping Me to divulgate my messages of prayer and conversion to the world, so that increase ever more, the number of instruments of My Peace, those who protect the Peace with prayers and sacrifices and the holiness of their lives.
As well as, My Son Jesus came to ye in His first Christmas, so, He will come a second time, but as I always said ye in His second back, in His second coming, He will not come as a weak and helpless child, who was crying from the cold, among the straws but will come as the Lord of Heaven and Earth, Eternal Judge, Immortal, to give to every man according to his works. To good persons, will give the Prize and the Reward for the love that they had at My Son, the Lord, for My Sake and for souls, the goodness that they did to the world. And to the evil persons, our enemies, will give eternal punishment that they deserve because of their wickedness, hardness of heart, impiety, the evil deeds, the fruits of death, that their souls produce.

This return, of My Son Jesus is closer, each day. So I have to say that Jesus will return to you to give you the prize, that He prepares for everyone, who loves Him.
Jesus will return in glory to you to renew the Heavens and the earth, to cleanse the whole world of sin, of all the evils that are practiced every day, so many works and sins made ​​contrarily to the God's Commandments. And so, in the among you, establish His Kingdom of Love, Peace, Grace, Holiness and Justice where Earth will be already a reflection of Paradise and where everyone will love the Lord, will serve Him, and will glorify Him.

Jesus will come back in Glory unto ye, for free you from all suffering, all pain, and no tears else will fall of your eyes, and you My children, who now suffer and groans in these times of great tribulation that arrived already to ye, ye will be comforted, because those who mourn are Blessed and will be comforted by My Son who will soon exterminate out of the earth's face, all who do evil, and will clean of all his crimes and will give you a new era of Peace that My Immaculate Heart, along with of Joseph, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus prepares, we prepares everyday for ye!

Jesus will return to you in glory, on the splendor of His glorious body, and everyone including those who crucified Him and have condemned Him to death, will see Him, and then all peoples will cry, will mourn, will beat in their chests, and every tongue will confess that only My Divine Son Jesus Christ is the only King immortal, Invincible Winner, the King of Kings, Lord of Lords! So My Immaculate Heart will get His greatest triumph promised to you at Fatima, again promised in so many of my Apparitions until reach Here and you will see new Heavens and new Earth coming to you, to all those who love Us, that now listen to Our messages, serve Us, and everyday are looking for to make us better known and more loved.

My Son will returns in glory to ye, and that's why I'm here for so long, to prepare ye for His Second Coming, His Second Return, to prepare for Him a faithful people that will go to receive Him, and will go to His meeting, over on the Heaven's Clouds.

To all in this time, I ask ye to continue with all the prayers that I have given here, to continue with all the Hours of Prayer, that disclose all these Hours of Prayer, all these Meditated Rosaries, as well as, the videos of My Apparitions, that My son Marcos did and gave it to you, for that so, much more My children souls know Me, come to My Heart, for to be by the Heavenly Mother, loved, healed, freed, saved and conducted back to my Son Jesus.

I counting on you! I do hope, your yes!

Give me your yes and I will turn you into My instruments and messengers of Peace!

To everyone in this moment I do bless generously, from Bethlehem, from Nazareth and from Jacareí...

The Peace My children! Stay in the Peace of the Lord!...I cover ye with My Love Mantle, now..."


"My dear brothers! Marcos, my most beloved friend, I HILD, Lord's servant, Mary's servant, came today with Her and with Our Lord boy, to give ye Peace and tell thee:


Enlighten, the world with the Light of Christ, and His Most Blessed Mother, banishing the darkness of sin for wherever ye pass, wherever ye go, so that truly Satan be ever more, trampled under the Feet of Jesus and Mary, and Truth, triumph over falsehood, the Good over evil, Light over darkness.

Go ahead apostles of light, lead the Light of the Lord and of Most Holy Mary, living ever more, in a profound life of prayer, a profound interior life, a profounder life of intimacy with God, the Mother of Heaven, the Angels, with the Saints, living continuously in meditation of the Messages, of the Word of the Lord, for that ever more the Light of Truth, the Light of Wisdom, the Light of the Holy Ghost, that one that enlightens ye, and conducts ye everyday of your life. For that then, having this light of Heaven in ye, you can illuminate the lives of all those who walk in darkness, and ye can help everyone to reach to Salvation, until the Lord in Heaven, which wait for all His children with open arms, for to fills out ye, with His Grace and His Love.

Go ahead apostles of light, lead the Child Jesus's Light, lead the Immaculate Mary's Light, through the Heart of Saint Joseph, spreading Their Love Messages, for you are the temples of the Lord, the holy cities of the Lord and the Mother of God, and therefore you ought to keep the city always clean, always beautiful, always bright and fragrant with an intense life of prayer, sacrifice, penance, love and help all your brothers to have also this heavenly and angelical life. So, go, carry to them the Light of Heaven that here ye knew, that ye have been given here to prove, to feel. Go and lead to all of God's Love, showing how to live with God is sweet, smooth, happy, and that in God and in the Mother of God, there is no any bitterness. Go, and to them all this love that Here are so favored ye, that here ye are so elevated and enriched, so that their souls may also leave the spiritual misery and like ye can also get closer to rise more and more to God even becoming Holy Lord's cities, as ye are.

Go apostles of light, lead the Light of the Child Jesus, bring the light of Mary Immaculate, The Lady of Bethlehem, lead the light of the Heart of Saint Joseph to all who have not seen it do not know it. For that then, the hell darkness be banned ever more, of life of all men and the KINGDOM OF HEARTS OF JESUS​​, MARY AND JOSEPH, come to the world, and be established in the world at each soul in every family, every heart in each nation. To do so, go to do the Rosary Prayer Groups, the Cenacles that the Mother of God have ordered ye, leading all Her Messages, leading the Hour of Peace, leading all the Treasures that here She gave ye, these powerful means to illuminate the souls, so in these prayers recorded in this place, resides great light. When ye pray them, from your mouth, from your eyes, from your heart, go out a so intense light, and so powerful that it blinds the devils and they can no longer see the souls that they wanted before to lose,and to drag with them, to the sin. So go, lead this light to all sinners, for everyone to see it, so that satan may not harm the souls, and so, a major number of them turn back into the arms of the Lord, and of Heaven Mother.

You are the holy cities of the Lord and the Mother of God, take care for that the oil of your lamp never end, that is, that the fierceness of your faith, your love never diminishes, never ends, nourish your oil lamps with meditations, more profound and continuing of the Messages, of the lives of the Saints, of what Heaven gives you all here to know, the life of Our Lady and Queen Mary, in the books of the Mystical City of God. For that thus, keeping your souls, your lamps full of the good oil of heavenly things the flame of your love, the flame of your faith will never erase.

Nourish the flame with the videos of the Apparitions, Messages, the Lives of the Saints, that Marcos did and gave it to you, because there, lies a great Grace, lies a great Light from Heaven and a Great spiritual anointing of the Holy Ghost, to give ye ever more Grace , Wisdom, Love and Heavenly Life, sanctifying life for the soul.

I, HILD, I am with ye always, bless ye, keep ye, cover ye with my mantle at all times and never leave you alone. I love you so much! There much I pray for ye, and there much that I suffer seeing that so many of ye, takes so long into surrender ye completely to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, here and give your life to Her.

I pray for you every day before the Hearts of JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH, asking that They not abandon you for your delay, your slowness in responding YES to their call, and for so many ungrateful to Them, even after so much Love, so many Messages of so many Graces that they gave ye. I have gotten a bit of time for thee, but I pray ye, hasten your conversion! Hasten your yes! Give your yes to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary through the Heart of Saint Joseph, that the Lord do not forsake ye, and that His Plan of Love be fulfilled itself, without delay in all and each of ye.

I HILD, do cover ye with my mantle, and pour upon ye the abundance of the Lord's Graces. The Peace to everyone, the Peace to you Marcos, the most dedicated, the most beloved of my brothers..."